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Oprah Winfrey
Well now, surprise surprise to Me. Thank you @newsemmys for this honor, this Emmy! Thank you @Ava for the opportuni… https://t.co/v3I9GH8XA6
Вторник, 22 сентября 2020 в 01:23:13
1.2 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
Bravo to the @OWNTV team and the recognition from @newsemmys for these great conversations! #NewsEmmy https://t.co/Ob1YdfnGFz
Вторник, 22 сентября 2020 в 01:19:08
Oprah Winfrey
Congratulations to my brother @tylerperry for his Governors Award. You bet on yourself and showed the world that th… https://t.co/VONkEQf81S
Понедельник, 21 сентября 2020 в 02:39:50
6.1 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
We just bowed in prayer at our house for her Full and filled life and legacy, resting in peace and power. https://t.co/JMpIVvpPYM
Суббота, 19 сентября 2020 в 03:43:38
1.2 тыс
16.6 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
@3LWTV Belated Happinesses 🙏🏾 a day late but sincere
Понедельник, 14 сентября 2020 в 02:44:51
Oprah Winfrey
Ready, Ready for y’all. Love you both @MsPattiPatti @MsGladysKnight #Legends #Verzuz
Понедельник, 14 сентября 2020 в 00:23:31
2.3 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
RT @AppleNews: Read more of @Oprah’s picks — plus an excerpt from @Isabelwilkerson’s #Caste — in this special, guest-edited collection of a…
Четверг, 10 сентября 2020 в 22:25:08
Oprah Winfrey
Me and Sadie in this month’s @oprahmagazine—and 11 years ago when we first met at @PAWSChicago!😘🐶 https://t.co/ZH08Rf4dnA
Среда, 09 сентября 2020 в 23:32:38
5.3 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
RT @THR: Apple and Oprah Winfrey have expanded their partnership into podcasting, with 'Oprah’s Book Club' podcast, an eight-part miniserie…
Среда, 09 сентября 2020 в 02:16:53
Oprah Winfrey
My @oprahsbookclub Podcast is available today. First up: #Caste by @Isabelwilkerson. It’s time for a conversation a… https://t.co/M3tiAQXeOj
Среда, 09 сентября 2020 в 02:14:32
2.0 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
What a gentle gifted SOUL. Showing us all that Greatness in between surgeries and chemo. The courage, the strength,… https://t.co/Qj4uUPhVtX
Суббота, 29 августа 2020 в 03:34:22
9.8 тыс
84.5 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
RT @OWNTV: "What lessons are we learning now that we can take into the future?" Don't miss '#OWNSpotlight Culture Connection & August 28…
Пятница, 28 августа 2020 в 01:44:42
Oprah Winfrey
RT @OWNTV: Jacob Blake. #SayHisName #JusticeForJacob #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/YbwF6Oc3HH
Четверг, 27 августа 2020 в 01:32:18
Oprah Winfrey
Jacob Blake. As his sister, Letetra Wideman, so eloquently said: When you #sayhisname, say all of them. Here we are… https://t.co/NGqXSabBYQ
Четверг, 27 августа 2020 в 01:32:09
5.2 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
WOW you look AMAaaaaaaZing! I am honored by your replication.❤️🖤 https://t.co/YNVusMwyXk
Вторник, 25 августа 2020 в 04:14:52
2.2 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
From #BlackIsKing  to now #TheColorPurple, @blitzambassador has the perfect director’s brush for the next evolution… https://t.co/Fdsc0THB48
Понедельник, 24 августа 2020 в 23:40:35
1.8 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
RT @oprahmagazine: "I want you to know it's not ending. It's evolving. Because after 20 years of covers, I think it's time. And I also thin…
Четверг, 20 августа 2020 в 14:34:26
Oprah Winfrey
Together we can overcome all obstacles in order to exercise our right to vote. Follow @OwnVote for more updates thi… https://t.co/V3357vpccf
Среда, 19 августа 2020 в 00:45:24
1.0 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
This will give my team the necessary time to put on their masks, get to the polls, cast their ballots, and voluntee… https://t.co/vM8AVGYHAv
Среда, 19 августа 2020 в 00:45:01
1.8 тыс
Oprah Winfrey
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women – although not all women – the right to v… https://t.co/dPxGwt7fuF
Среда, 19 августа 2020 в 00:44:28
5.9 тыс

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