Сэр Джеймс Пол Макка́ртни (англ. James Paul McCartney, род. 18 июня 1942 года, Ливерпуль) — британский музыкант, мультиинструменталист, писатель и продюсер. Один из основателей группы The Beatles, 16-кратный обладатель премии «Грэмми», рыцарь-бакалавр и кавалер ордена Британской империи (MBE) (1965). Википедия

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Paul McCartney
Paul and @maryamccartney joined @tablemannerspod hosts Jessie and Lennie to talk food, family and fighting at the d… https://t.co/K0LKXbSTWK
Среда, 12 мая 2021 в 10:52:33
Paul McCartney
"It reminds me of my hippie days and the free attitude with which it was created" - Paul Celebrate 50 years since… https://t.co/4MfvpuusQw
Вторник, 11 мая 2021 в 19:08:00
3.1 тыс
Paul McCartney
RT @LindaFoods: Bring the ‘Heart Of The Country’ to you with Linda McCartney Foods' Grow Your Own initiative! 💚 #GYOwithLindas Watch the e…
Вторник, 11 мая 2021 в 16:50:47
Paul McCartney
RT @wfuv: . @PaulMcCartney's 2020 album 'McCartney III' gets an extensive makeover on a new 2021 companion collection called #McCartneyIIII…
Вторник, 11 мая 2021 в 14:34:17
Paul McCartney
RT @LindaFoods: Today we launch Linda McCartney Foods' Grow Your Own program! We’re continuing Linda's legacy in growing plots across the U…
Понедельник, 10 мая 2021 в 17:12:40
Paul McCartney
"What I liked about Linda’s singing was the tone of her voice – I’d never worked singing with a woman before, so I… https://t.co/XZK21OUVZi
Понедельник, 10 мая 2021 в 16:00:02
3.2 тыс
Paul McCartney
"Very short, very succinct, the kind of title you wouldn't forget" 🐏 Celebrate 50 years of 'RAM' this month.… https://t.co/UT1tL27j13
Воскресенье, 09 мая 2021 в 16:02:00
2.4 тыс
Paul McCartney
Ram on! Paul spoke to @classicrockmag about all things 'RAM', to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the album this m… https://t.co/vtUP55mgQO
Суббота, 08 мая 2021 в 11:00:02
2.9 тыс
Paul McCartney
Check out some exciting extras that were recently added to the #McCartneyIII Enhanced Album on @spotify! https://t.co/URpfpEcuv5
Пятница, 07 мая 2021 в 18:00:00
Paul McCartney
Have you seen the incredible new Netflix programme ‘Seaspiracy’? It is a very strong documentary on fishing that ev… https://t.co/7TCFlo3iV3
Пятница, 07 мая 2021 в 10:00:02
1.4 тыс
6.0 тыс
Paul McCartney
🎲 👕 💿 'McCartney #ThreeImagined' merch is here! Browse the collection: https://t.co/FTrXM9FluZ https://t.co/ySo5D2se8m
Четверг, 06 мая 2021 в 20:05:54
Paul McCartney
RT @ClassicRockMag: There's a new issue of Classic Rock in the shops, and available to buy online. Our cover star is Paul McCartney, who jo…
Четверг, 06 мая 2021 в 15:14:05
Paul McCartney
Paul will feature in a new collection of stamps and limited edition souvenirs from @royalmail 📮 From beloved album… https://t.co/qrJDEttM66
Четверг, 06 мая 2021 в 09:26:47
1.4 тыс
Paul McCartney
📮 https://t.co/Sv6mH1kOtf
Четверг, 06 мая 2021 в 09:26:00
3.1 тыс
Paul McCartney
👀 6.5.21 📮 https://t.co/SRhjJVmOCq
Среда, 05 мая 2021 в 16:00:02
8.4 тыс
Paul McCartney
'McCartney III Imagined' CD box sets are now available at the Paul McCartney Online Store! Pick up an exclusive pie… https://t.co/XZxwodljVe
Среда, 05 мая 2021 в 14:00:00
Paul McCartney
I send my love to his family and will always remember him with great fondness. Thanks for everything Al. Lots of love, Paul
Вторник, 04 мая 2021 в 16:17:03
1.4 тыс
Paul McCartney
He always had a twinkle in his eye and was ready for a laugh but most importantly when we had done what we thought… https://t.co/bsm8TK40LF
Вторник, 04 мая 2021 в 16:16:50
1.2 тыс
Paul McCartney
So sad to hear of the passing of my friend Al Schmitt. Al was the lead engineer in charge of the 'Kisses on the Bo… https://t.co/VeP8R86LWa
Вторник, 04 мая 2021 в 16:16:13
4.4 тыс
Paul McCartney
P.S. Find out what Paul had to say about the symbolism of birds in his songs here: https://t.co/xSy0J8mS7T https://t.co/K7su7rg7N1
Вторник, 04 мая 2021 в 12:12:32

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